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We are now supplying our Resin Art Jewellary in wholesale quantities only.

This applies to our existing designs and Bespoke designs.

Existing designs of this high quality hand made resin jewellery include items inspired by Mondrian, Miro, Monet and William Morris. Also Cezanne and Van Gogh tributes, flowers & butterflies etc etc.

Please enquire about wholesale prices, minimum orders and our bespoke design service.

Mondrian Inspiration

Mondrian Hairslide FHS2839 Mondrian Drop Earrings FED2839 Mondrian Pendant FP2839 Mondrian Hoop Earrings FEH2839 Mondrian Ring FR2839 Mondrian Bangle FG2839 Mondrian Clip Earrings FEC2839

William Morris - Acanthus

Acanthus is one of the most iconic fabric designs by the 19th century founder of the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood.

William Morris Hairslide FHS2658 William Morris Drop Earrings FED2658 William Morris Pendant FP2658 William Morris Hoop Earrings FEH2658 William Morris Ring FR2658 William Morris Bangle FG2658 William Morris Clip Earrings FEC2658

Tortoiseshell Lacquer

This rich design is from a 19th century Japanese lacquered table cabinet.

Tortoiseshell Hairslide FHS2467 Tortoiseshell Drop Earrings FED2467 Tortoiseshell Pendant FP2467 Tortoiseshell Hoop Earrings FEH2467 Tortoiseshell Ring FR2467 Tortoiseshell Bangle FG2467 Tortoiseshell Clip Earrings FEC2467

Miro Inspirations

The Spanish artist Joan Miro was one of the first surrealist painters. Paula has studied his work and made her own tribute to this iconic artist's work.

Miro Hairslide FHS2651 Miro Drop Earrings FED2651 Miro Pendant FP2651 Miro Hoop Earrings FEH2651 Miro Ring FR2651 Miro Bangle FG2651 Miro Clip Earrings FEC2651

Monet's Waterlillies

Impressionist Claude Monet's ethereal paintings of his garden at Giverny are now among the world's most expensive works of art.

Waterlillies Hairslide FHS2472 Waterlillies Drop Earrings FED2472 Waterlillies Pendant FP2472 Waterlillies Hoop Earrings FEH2472 Waterlillies Ring FR2472 Waterlillies Bangle FG2472 Waterlillies Clip Earrings FEC2472

Cezanne's Lac d'Annecy

There is nothing picturesque about Post Impressionist Paul Cezanne's interpretation of the tranquil scene at Lac d'Annecy. Deep blues & greens give way to splashes of pink & orange with strong black diagonals.

Cezanne Hairslide FHS2487 Cezanne Drop Earrings FED2487 Cezanne Pendant FP2487 Cezanne Hoop Earrings FEH2487 Cezanne Ring FR2487 Cezanne Bangle FG2487 Cezanne Clip Earrings FEC2487

PaulaBoltonCatalogue |  Resin - Wholesale only