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An affordable pearls selection including timeless, elegant classic earrings and necklaces in white, pink, grey, black, bronze & champagne colours.

Shell Pearl Necklaces and Earrings

Black Shell Pearl Earrings ELSP005 Bronze Shell Pearl Earrings ELSP006 Black Shell Pearl Necklace NLS005 Bronze Shell Pearl Necklace NLS006 White Shell Pearl Earrings ELSP010 Coffee Shell Pearl Earrings ELSP011 Grey Shell Pearl Earrings ELSP013 White Shell Pearl Necklace NLS010 Coffee Shell Pearl Necklace NLS011 Grey Shell Pearl Necklace NLS013

Pearl Ropes

Pearl Rope-White & Pink-NLR010 Pearl Rope-White-NLR011 Pearl Rope-Three colours-NLR013  Pearl Rope-Peacock Black-NLR014 Pearl Rope-Purple-NLR097PU Pearl Rope-White-NLR097WH

Stud Pearl Earrings

Dia 5-5-6mm White Pearl Stud Earrings ELP906W Grey Pearl Stud Earrings ELP906G Black Pearl Stud Earrings ELP906B Blank Dia 7-7.5mm White Pearl Stud Earrings ELP907W Grey Pearl Stud Earrings ELP907G Black Pearl Stud Earrings ELP907B Blank Dia 8-8.5 mm White Pearl Stud Earrings ELP011WH Champagne Pearl Stud Earrings ELP011CH Peacock Black Pearl Stud Earrings ELP011PE Lavender Pearl Stud Earrings ELP011LA Dia 8.5-9 mm White Pearl Stud Earrings EW027W Grey Pearl Stud Earrings EW027G Black Pearl Stud Earrings EW027B Pink Pearl Stud Earrings EW027P Dia 10-10.5mm White Pearl Stud Earrings ELP084WH Champagne Pearl Stud Earrings ELP084CH Peacock Black Pearl Stud Earrings ELP084PE Lavender Pearl Stud Earrings ELP084LA Dia 10-11 mm White Pearl Stud Earrings ELP119WH Grey Pearl Stud Earrings ELP119GY Peacock Black Pearl Stud Earrings ELP119PE Champagne Pearl Stud Earrings ELP119CH

Pearl Drop Earrings

Pearl Drops 5.5-6 mm White pearl earrings   EW026W Grey pearl earrings   EW026G Black pearl earrings   EW026B Pink pearl earrings   EW026P Pearl Drops blank White Pearl Earrings ELP006WH Purple Pearl Earrings ELP006PU Iridescent Black Pearl Earrings ELP006PE Champagne Pearl Earrings ELP006CH Pearl drops 7.5-8 mm White pearl earrings   EW028W Grey pearl earrings   EW028G Black pearl earrings   EW028B Pink pearl earrings   EW028P Pearl Drops 7.5-8 mm White Rice Pearl Earrings EW029W Grey Rice Pearl Earrings EW029G Peacock Black Rice Pearl Earrings EW029B Pink Rice Pearl Earrings EW029P Pearl Drops 7-7.5 & 8-8.5 mm Black pearl earrings   EW031B Grey pearl earrings   EW031G Pink pearl earrings   EW031P White pearl earrings   EW031W

Hook Earring and others

Pearl Hooks 8-8.5mm White Pearl Earrings EW041W Grey Pearl Earrings EW041G Pink Pearl Earrings EW041P Peacock Black Pearl Earrings EW041B Pearlhooks 8-9 mm White Pearl Drop Earrings ELP099WH Champagne Pearl Drop Earrings ELP099CH Purple Pearl Drop Earrings ELP099PU Peacock Black Pearl Drop Earrings ELP099PE Blank White Pearl Hoop Earrings ELP314 White  Pearl Earrings EW422W Grey Pearl Earrings EW422GY White Coin Pearl Earrings ELP037W Blank Blank Silver & Pearl Clip Earrings ELP066 Silver & Pearl Earrings EW237 Blank

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